From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent

Midnight Pulse is a server that is based on White Wolf© World of Darkness multitude array of table top roleplaying-games. What's contained within is the ability to roleplay a selection of supernatural beings with powers that are put on earth to either eradicate, extract or enlighten the world around them. The action takes place in the beautiful, small town of Palamino Creek, north of the City of Angels during the dawn of the new millennia, the turning of the wheels of ages. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic visage of our rural town however, as you never know what’s lurking in the darkness.

Regardless of the character, race or path chosen, the story is driven by you… the player.


Choose your Race



Begin your journey as a mortal. Learn to navigate the World of Darkness with care and try to build your life amidst the chaos, surrounded by supernaturals you're unaware even exist. As a human, you can pick between the many supplements to give yourself an extra edge. Obtain Psychic Numina, True Faith or learn Hedge Magic. Pledge yourself to a Vampire master by becoming a Ghoul or enter a Faustian Pact with a Demon.



Play a part in the Jyhad by becoming an undead predator. Make a name for yourself in the Kindred society. Achieve fame, resources and a safe haven for yourself. Pursue your goals by joining either of the numerous Clans and Bloodlines that fit your taste. Join up with the Camarilla, Anarch Movement or the Sabbat in your effort to topple the enemy factions. No one but you dictates how you spend your centuries of unlife.



Become the top of the food chain as a shapeshifter. Select one of the many shifting breeds available and throw your dice in battle of the Triat. Ally under the banner of the Wyrm, Wyld or Weaver as a Werewolf(Garou), Werebear (Gurahl), Wereserpent (Nagah) or many of the other subspecies. Achieve renown and progress through the ranks of your Tribe, or explore the Umbral realms where the spirits dwell.



Awaken to discover a world filled with monsters. Though still human, you've been selected by the Messengers to make a change in the world. Select one of the nine Creeds that will determine your approach to the monsters that plague society. Offer them salvation and put them on a path of redemption, or arm yourself with a stake and erradicate all that does not breathe. The hunt is all that matters to you.



Step foot in both the world of the shapeshifters and the undead society. Estranged and despised by both, you are an Abomination that shouldn't exist. Born of wolf but embraced to be a vampire, you are a mix of both. While this allows you to tap into both the powers of a Vampire and a Werewolf, neither side will take kindly to you. Struggle to make a haven that is yours, or build alliances with the few people who can tolerate you.



Pursue the path of enlightenment as a magus. Pick between the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, Technocratic Union or become an Orphan and rewrite creation according to your own whim. Fight for balance, personal interest or seed hatred and commit to being evil as a Nephandus. Tailor your own story and goals. Seek greater enlightenment and master the nine Spheres in an otherwise unforgiving world.



Experience a world of wonders and magic as you play the mystical creatures of the dreaming capable of untold beautiful & destructive powers. Join the changelings for an experience of dream and creativity. They are one of the few kinds of fae capable of surviving in the modern world. They are connected to a spiritual dimension called the Dreaming, which draws its strength from human dreams.



Once an Angel in the Celestial Host, you are now merely an escaped demon from the Abyss, seeking shelter in someone else's body. You are a Fallen of the Seven Houses who rebelled against God in an attempt to awaken and save humanity. Tormented by your prison, you must now face the future with care, knowing that the Abyss is calling for your return. Side with one of the five factions and pursue your goals as an immortal.

Destiny: A tyrant's authority for crime and a fool's excuse for failure.

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